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Monday, April 18, 2011

A Little Twilightness (and some nature pics)

When you have to use yourself as a model...and I just got a
remote timer for my camera, so bear with me:)

I love the blue cast to these photos:

Crisp- I love my camera.
Sunlight + water droplets= very cool effect (called Bokeh, I think)

I love the colors in nature- the red on this wood is so cool.


  1. Lovely! All you need is Robert Pattinson to stroll in!!XXX MUM

  2. yes, that is called bokeh.. awesome :)
    I'd much rather have taylor lautner stroll in these pics :) xox
    would you be interested in taking some pics of my new baby this fall? :)

  3. @ Mir: NEW BABY??? Did I know that? What? Of course, dude, that would be awesome! New baby?! OK we have to talk. love dee><>
    @mom: I wish! Ha!